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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Getting Some Excitement in a church

The first thing that is needed in a Congregation is excitement. The people need to have a sense that there is a strong purpose for coming to the church. And the biggest, easiest way to get excitement in a Congregation is to let people know the good things that are happening in their friends lives.

In many small churches and groups, the first order of business is "prayer requests." The next thing we hear is a list of cancers, heart attacks, car wrecks, and other physical problems recited by members. What a way to enliven a service! Start with a bunch of people who have been happily talking to each other and remind them of how bad things are!

In good churches, we start a bit differently. The first order of business is "Tell us what good things you have to be thankful for this week!" Encourage a recitation of birthdays, anniverseries, sunny weather, "rain for the lawn", visitors who came in from out-of-town, answers to prayer, etc. Take 5 minutes to tell the good things that God has done. (Then, you can go to the cancer list recitation.)

Emphasize baptisms and people joining the church. Make them an important event at each service. Let people talk who have newly committed to Christ. They are excited and that excitement will transfer to others.

Talk about successful events - don't emphasize the fact "we raised $465 for the new carpet", but emphasize the fact that "over fifty people showed up, including about 10 new visitors".


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