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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Best Movie I have ever Seen

The second installment of the Narnia series from Walden Media - Prince Caspian – is simply the best movie I have ever seen. Of course, it helps if you understand the back story that is The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, the blockbuster release from 2005.

In the first movie, a group of four London children are sent to the countryside to live with a kindly old professor in his huge house during the Bombing of London in 1941. While they are there, they discover a door into another world, the world of Narnia where animals talk and trees dance. In the first movie, the children help deliver the world from the wicked Ice Queen who has kept the world frozen for a hundred years. They also meet Aslan, who is the rightful ruler of Narnia – a Christ-like figure.

The author of the Narnia stories is C.S. Lewis, the Oxford professor who also delivered some of the most powerful defenses of Christianity in the 1940’s and 1950’s. Lewis said that he had considered that IF there were a world such as Narnia, and IF Christ chose to come to that world, then He surely would have come as the great lion, Aslan. And the first movie is a wonderful story of sin and salvation, of the cost of sin and the victory found when a person willingly gives His life for another.

In the current installment, the children find a new way back to Narnia. This story focuses upon the rewards for having faith and the consequences of losing that faith and relying too much upon our own swords. For me, the peak of the movie came when one little girl stands in front of an entire evil army, supported solely by her faith.

See the movie – take your kids and your parents. And while you are watching it, think about whether you really have faith -- or not.


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